Data Ontap Simulator 8.2

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I followed your instructions and it worked perfectly fine until I started using it as datastores in my vSphere infrastructure. After some time the whole appliance went through a kernel panic and every time I was trying to reboot it it showed the same error message: “AIO I/O failed because of: No space left on device Google Earth Geotiff Dem there. ”. When I went to the maintenance mode and checked aggregate status I encountered the following error: “Broken Disk [] detected prior to assimilation.”. By the time it went down I barely managed to place 2-3 VMs with a total amount of 150GBs of disk space (via iSCSI). My question is: after you set up the appliance, did you actually try using it as a de facto datastore? Did you have to assign more space to the initial aggregate destined for the appliance?

1-1 INSTALLING AND CONFIGURING SIMULATE ONTAP 8.2. The NetApp® Simulate ONTAP® 8 software is a virtual simulator (vsim) of the Data ONTAP® 8 operating. Jul 29, 2014 FOR VMWare Workstation CLUSTERED SIMULATE ONTAP LICENSES +++++ These are the licenses that you use with the clustered Data ONTAP.

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