Asteroids Arcade Game Troubleshooting

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Various Repair Logs For Atari Asteroids/Asteroids Deluxe arcade games. 120 rows Video arcade game parts, supplies, repair and technical information.

Atari Asteroids Repair Encyclopedia ASTEROIDS Troubleshooting Encyclopedia by, 05/25/99. Copyright 1999, all rights reserved. Scope: This document has be written to help troubleshoot Atari Asteroids and Asteroids Deluxe and where possible any clones and the three cabinet configurations (Upright, Cocktail and Mini). Ov7 Siete Latidos Rar.

Mike Jones Rapidshare there. DISCLAIMER AND WARNING: INFORMATION CONTAINED HEREIN is supplied on an as is basis and this author or anyone who has contributed makes NO to warrantee as to the correctness and the accuracy of the information and anyone choosing to use it does so at their own risk. Servicing of equipment should be left to factory trained personnel.

Voltages are sufficient to kill. Table of Contents Getting Started: • • 1. Main PCB Related Fixes: • • • • • • • 2. Sound Fixes: • • • 3.

Klondike Green Felt

Reset Fixes: • • 4. Video Fixes: • • • • • • • • UNDER CONSTRUCTION • Testing Transistors • Transistor Info/Substitutes • Fuse List for HH/BH • CPU Board Revision Mods 5. Conversions/Mods: • • Using Asteroids Delux in Asteroids Cabinet • Using Lunar Lander in Asteroids Cabinet • Atari Mods: • Asteroids • • • Deluxe • 6. Trouble-shooting tips: • • 7. Technical TRIVIA: • • • • 8. Cosmetic Fixes: Special thanks to for allowing me to use his format and several sections for this guide based on his System 80 Pinball Guide at Getting Started: Introduction, Schematics, Links: Atari manufactured these Black & White Vector games during 1979-80, Asteroids and 1980/81, for Asteroids Deluxe. For further game background information see the KLOV (Killer List of Video Games) entries for and.

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