Arma 2 City Life Rpg 2 Mod

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City Life RPG 2 is a free life simulation mod for military shooter, ARMA II: Operation Arrowhead. Putting players in the shoes of a citizen of Chernarus, players will embark on a journey to grow and develop their virtual avatar in to whatever kind of person they want to be. ARMA 2 may not be an MMO, neither is this mod – but it’s already opened up the door for many MMO-like mods that often offer more features than full release titles that are actually MMOs, while doing a better job. City Life RPG is one of these mods.

City Life RPG features many MMO qualities on a smaller scale – skill progression, missions (jobs), crafting, persitent world, and more. With just over 100 players in the 225 km2 map of Chernarus, citizens start out with a small amount of cash in the bank and the clothes on their back. Ready to head out in to the big world, players will try to make something of themselves, becoming powerful and rich – or just getting by, it’s up to you to choose. The mod is an attempt at a life simulation, therefore players can choose to live by hostile or non-hostile means, the PvP enthusiast can join a gang or the police, while the more humble player can take up a job like fishing or business. Starting out taking odd jobs, players will work to get some cash in their pockets in order to work their way up in the world.

Arma 2 City Life Rpg 2 Mod

City Life RPG 2 is a free life simulation mod for ARMA II: Operation Arrowhead. Take on the role of a citizen and live your life in an open sandbox world. Coolsand Usb Driver Download on this page. The City Life RPG is an on-line RPG built on the Armed Assault engine offering an on-line community for you to enjoy.

There are many jobs in City Life RPG and each have their own skills and requirements, players can choose from – Bus Driver, Delivery Driver, Drug Dealer, Fishing, Hunting, Pilot Instructor, Repo Man, Street Sweeper, Taxi Driver, Miner, Farmer, Drug Dealer, Police Officer, Paramedic, Senator, Shop Owner, and many more unique roles available by utilizing the various game mechanics in the mod. The point is to give players the ability to live out their virtual life however they choose, you aren’t limited to one job or role – they are all there for you to make your own choices. Much like many other sandbox mods and games, there isn’t any hand holding. City Life RPG isn’t a very difficult mod, the trickyness only comes down to figuring out how everything works and what you are supposed to do. Multi Tool Tile/glass Cutter And Rotary Cutter more.


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